Couples & Marriage Counseling

This service is available for couples as they are defined by the individuals in the relationship. Couples therapy is available for those who feel that they would benefit from working on their relationship as it exists, expanding their relationship into a new life phase or healing from an experience that has damaged or compromised their relationship. Marriage counseling is recommended for any couple that feels they would benefit from working through their marriage issues with an unbiased helper to assist with communication and teach the necessary skills to continue communication. Marriage counseling focuses on respect as well as unifying the needs of the individuals with the needs of the couple. The benefits of marriage and couples counseling are:

  • Rekindling and learning to have fun in a hectic world
  • Managing crisis
  • Healing and growing together as a couple
  • Identifying and exploring options in a mutually respectful manner
  • Skills that help you make it work. Focus on communication
  • Pre- marriage counseling. (non secular)
  • Providing an unbiased mediator and assist in the building of a trusting relationship.