Family Therapy

Each family is a small community consisting of strengths as well as weaknesses. Although there are always strengths present there can be conflict that arises when individuals are coinciding in a mutual environment with personal and individual goals and perspectives. Most families experience crisis at some point in their lives, crisis can effect every individual in the family system differently and family therapy aims to manage that confusing and painful circumstance. Family therapy helps the family system to identify strengths and mutual goals that the family members value. Teaching the skills that assist family members to identify the collective perspective of the family, while continuing to honor the needs of the individuals is a goal of family therapy.

  • Crisis management.
  • Healing and working to move forward
  • Identifying goals for future success
  • Getting reacquainted with fun and enjoyment
  • Processing trauma
  • Skill obtainment for happy relationships
  • Managing and reducing daily conflict.